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"The CareerBlitz team is amazing and wonderful to work with. Every day, at least 5 of our recruiters are jumping on CareerBlitz and reaching out to candidates."

"My first day on CareerBlitz, I found 14 candidates for an SDET role. I added them all to a sequence and set my first interview in 4 minutes!"

"CareerBlitz has been a powerful tool to help us recruit faster & smarter. So far, I've signed up 4 other people on my team to use it!"

Increase your pipeline by 300%

Instantly grow your current pipeline through automated candidate suggestions with context.

Find relevant candidates 5X faster

Immediately find candidates for new roles by leveraging past applications.

8X reply rates with tailored outreach

Use automated email and SMS outreach to set interviews on autopilot with 40% reply rates.

Hand-picked candidates delivered to your inbox twice a week

Wake up to new candidates in your inbox, each with a short description of why they were chosen for the specific position. Each candidate comes with a full set of customized email templates to help you connect faster.

  • Tailored opening lines based on resume experience
  • Multi-stage sequences designed to reach 40% reply rates
  • Automatically grow pipelines 3X for hard to fill roles

Re-engage stale candidates with LinkedIn Refresh

Most candidates are rejected because they're mising 1-2 years of specific experiences. CareerBlitz every resumes with recent LinkedIn information to easily find candidates after they've gained the skills your company needs.

  • Instantly grow candidate pipeline 300% with refreshed resumes
  • Automated ATS sync for all new information
  • Fully searchable talent pool of updated warm candidates

Unlock the hidden gems in your ATS with AI Search

Easily search through resumes, highlighting relevant keywords and skills. CareerBlitz uses proprietary keyword mapping technology to take the guesswork out of search terms.

  • Build targeted Boolean queries 5X faster
  • Uncover hidden candidates through career trend analysis
  • Rank order candidates based on skill, not keyword spam

Automate sourcing outreach with personalized Sequences.

Build personal relationships with thousands of candidates instantly. On average, teams hit 40% reply rates with CareerBlitz Sequences (tested over 10,000+ messages).

  • 8X reply rates vs. other platforms
  • Tailored opening lines for each candidate
  • Rotate through email, SMS, and LinkedIn messages

Supercharge your searches with Keyword Mapping

CareerBlitz's proprietary keyword mapping technology expands keywords to help you build powerful Boolean queries instantly. Most keywords are mapped to 20+ related terms

  • Fully customizable and editable keyword mappings to tailor searches
  • Industry agnostic for sales, marketing, ops, and engineering hires
  • Built with explainable AI to avoid bias & make you a better recruiter

Frequently asked questions

Have a question about our products and features? Feel free to email us at

CareerBlitz is the only platform on the market with a fully autnomous AI recruiting platform that pitches you candidates and automatically crafts personalized, tailored emails for each candidate. Even more, CareerBlitz is built on the notion of explainable AI -- so you know why we've selected each candidate for each role.

We are AI engineers, recruiters, and software developers that care about making the HR process more human. CareerBlitz is backed by top tier investors from Atlanta, GA and San Francisco, CA.

Most recruiting teams are understaffed and facing rapidly growing headcount goals. Since recruiting debt grows exponentially, waiting another 6 months to try CareerBlitz means you're willing to risk paying another $250K+ to agencies to fill the roles your team couldn't.

You're signing up for an autonomous recruiting assistant for your team. Twice each week, everyone on your team gets a list of 10-15 candidates for one of their open roles. Each candidate will have an explanation of why they were chosen for the given role, along with a fully customized set of outreach messages to connect with the candidate based on their resume and background.

Our minimum commitment length is 3 months, but we generally gravitate towards annual contracts with teams.

CareerBlitz currently integrates with Greenhouse and Bullhorn for ATS sync. We also integrate with Gmail and Outlook for email deliverability.

Put your sourcing on autopilot.

Get great candidates delivered to your inbox twice a week with context, tailored outreach sequences, and AI analysis behind each resume. With CareerBlitz, you spend less time reading resumes, and more time making rockstar hires.