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Our Core Values
Our core values drive and power all the work we do at CareerBlitz. When things are difficult and we're banging our heads against the wall trying to figure out the next move, our core values serve as our North Star.

1. Find people jobs they love.

This is more than just getting someone their next job. We honestly and truly believe that every single person has a perfect job for where they are in life, and where they are in their career. Our goal is to make sure that that person find that perfect role. What the role is today maybe different from what the role is two years from now, or even six months from now, but we know for sure that there is a perfect fit for them out there. We will not rest until we've made sure that we have help them find that perfect fit.

We take this just as seriously for our team. We know that for very few people, CareerBlitz will be last place they work. So when a team member is ready to move on, we'll help them make that transition to their next perfect job.

2. Be user focused.

At CareerBlitz, this means that action we take, every feature we add, and every change we make to our product, to our sales strategy, to our marketing efforts, and everything we do as a company is driven by not just what customers want but what they truly need to make them more successful. Because of this we proactively look for problems we can solve for our users.

More so than just making money, we care about leaving a lasting impact in the recruiting space. We care about helping employers, recruiting firms, and staffing agencies hire in a more human, honest, and compassionate way. We want to forge lasting relationships between jobseekers and employers that go beyond another open req, and make sure that each side of that equation is better off because of us.

3. Experiment aggressively.

We constantly experiment to figure out how we can do things better, faster, cheaper, more effectively, and in a way that provides more value. Doing what has always been done is not how we do things here. We know that we need to constantly try new things, constantly iterate, and constantly design better experiments to implement lasting change.

For this reason, we look for people that love breaking things, taking things apart, and testing out new ideas.

4. Have an opinion.

We believe that every single person at the company should have an opinion about what's going on around them. We spend a lot of time and energy to hire bright, smart, talented individuals. We do this, because we know developing a fully formed opinion about everything is not easy.

Still, we each care about what other teams are doing. And we go out and learn enough about what other teams are doing to have opinions on whether the right decisions are being made. Every person in the company has the authority to provide their honest thoughts about the decisions being made at CareerBlitz. Not only do we thrive off of it, but we expect it.

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